The Pre-Award (PRA) team takes a full-service approach to support researchers with proposal preparation, COS Pivot funding opportunity searches, sponsor guideline reviews, budget preparation and budget justification, securing subcontract information, assisting with cost share commitments, facilitating routing and proposal submission to sponsors, and providing templates and samples of Letter of Intent (LOI) and Sample Budget Justification.

For your convenience, PRA staff are located in the Colleges for ease of access and quick response time.


Services Provided

  • Assist in identifying funding opportunities using the COS Pivot funding opportunities database


  • Identify and review sponsor requirements
    • Review sponsor guidelines and identify key issues
    • Review any contractual terms at proposal stage if needed
    • Facilitate meetings for proposal development and coordination
    • Develop timeline for all input and approvals


  • Assist with research/grant proposal development
    • Prepare the budget and review the budget justification
    • Secure subcontract information
    • Assist with cost share commitments and documentation
    • Assist with sponsor forms and electronic submission systems
    • Assist with the preparation or collection of bio-sketches, current and pending or other proposal non-technical information
    • Assure the proposal meets all sponsor guidelines and is in final form
    • Provide researchers templates and samples upon request:
      • Letter of Intent (LOI)
      • Sample Budget Justification


  • Process proposal submissions
    • Facilitate routing and obtain appropriate approval signatures
    • Provide institutional approval of proposals
    • Proposal submission


  • Facilitate post-submission activities
    • Assist with sponsor requests for re-budgets, just in time information, etc.



“The support services I get from the Office of Research, from the preparation of budget, to the submittal of proposal to the post award services are all highly commendable and help efficient management of my research enterprise.”

Meet the Pre-Award Team

College of Engineering and School of Architecture
  • Associate Director, Pre-Award

    Shanda Wirt

    Address: 940 Grace Hall (mail); 263b Fitzpatrick Hall (office)

    Phone: (574) 631-8710


  • Assistant Director, Pre-Award

    Mark DeVore

    Address: 940 Grace Hall (mail); 152 Engineering-Multidisciplinary Research Building (office)

    Phone: (574) 631-7973


  • Assistant Director, Pre-Award

    Mira Mihajlovich

    Address: 940 Grace Hall (mail); 214d Cushing Hall of Engineering (office)

    Phone: (574) 631-1173


College of Science
  • Associate Director, Pre-Award

    Shohn Turner

    Address: 940 Grace Hall (mail); 250 Nieuwland Science Hall (office)

    Phone: (574) 631-1085


  • Assistant Director, Pre-Award

    Ed Ackerley

    Address: 940 Grace Hall (mail); 141 Galvin Life Science Center (office)

    Phone: (574) 631-5488


  • Assistant Director, Pre-Award

    Tina Chandler

    Address: 940 Grace Hall (mail); 254 Nieuwland Science Hall (office)

    Phone: (574) 631-6984


Institute for Scholarship in the Liberal Arts (ISLA), Arts & Letters Pre-Award Team
  • Associate Director, Institute for Scholarship in the Liberal Arts (ISLA)

    Kenneth Garcia

    Address: 101 O'Shaughnessy Hall

    Phone: (574) 631-6494


  • Assistant Director, Institute for Scholarship in the Liberal Arts (ISLA)

    Lori Loftis

    Address: 101 O'Shaughnessy Hall

    Phone: (574) 631-4264