Post-Award Financial Management

The Post-Award Financial Management (PAF) team establishes award budgets and accounts for grant expenditure, provides budget projections, and administers pre-award spending/advance accounts, budget revision requests, no-cost extensions or changes of scope or principal investigator (PI). The PAF team is your research award financial planning partner.

For your convenience, PAF staff are located in the Colleges for ease of access and quick response time.


Services Provided

  • Establish award budgets and accounts for grant expenditures
  • Communicate terms of award and requirements to research team
  • Review to ensure appropriate compliance approvals are in place for expenditure of funds
  • Conduct “launch meetings” with faculty to identify and coordinate project business needs
  • Develop account projections/internal financial reporting for PIs to monitor and plan for grant expenditures
    • Budget management reports are available to assist principal investigators (PI’s) in managing their grants. These reports can be emailed on a regular basis or on an as needed basis. You can request the following reports listed below by filling out the Reports Request Form.
      FORM: Reports Request Form >>
      Report Name
      1. All Funds by PI PDF
      2. Individual Grant Fund PDF
      3. PI Summary PDF
      4. Transaction Detail PDF
      5. PI Payroll PDF
      6. Grant Checkbook PDF
      7. Grant Salaries Remaining PDF
      8. Open Encumbrances PDF
      9. All Funds by Org PDF
      10. PI Summary with Monthly Expenses see #3
      11. Individual Grant Fund with Activity Codes see #2
      12. Multi-fund Grant PDF

      ***Please note: The reports you request on the form will be emailed to you on or about the 10th of the month, containing your budgetary information for the previous month and earlier. If you have more specific requests for reports, please contact your PAF team member.

  • Approve or forward to sponsor for approval, budget revision requests, no-cost extensions, or changes of scope or principal investigator (PI)
    • Budget Revisions – When a change is to be made in the budget of an existing grant or contract, the PI must request a transfer of funds through the Office of Research (OR). The OR will determine whether or not the University has the authority to re-budget the funds, and, if not, will request approval from the sponsor. The PI’s request to transfer funds must include justification for the transfer. The transfer must be necessary to the conduct of the research project and the request must explain why there are excess funds in one category and why they are needed in the second category. Transfers strictly to spend funds remaining in the account are not justified. When the transfer is approved, OR will notify the principal investigator (PI) and request Research and Sponsored Programs Accounting (RSPA) to make the transfer. Please contact your Post-Award Financial Management team member for help with any required budget revision.
    • No-cost Extensions – Some sponsors allow one year no-cost extensions (NCE) at the discretion of the university, others require approval for any extension. The PAF team will assist you in obtaining an NCE with inputs from the requesting PI. A good justification, timeline for proceeding, and requested new end date are required.
      FORM: No-cost Extension Request Form >>


    • Change in PI or Scope – If a situation arises that requires a change in PI or scope of work, please contact the PAF team as soon as possible so we can help secure sponsor approval.
    • Cost Share – Notre Dame’s accounting system does not currently have the capability to track funds from several sources within the grant fund. If the award specifies that the University provide matching funds, the PI must work closely with PAF to ensure proper documentation is maintained to verify that the matching requirements have been met. The documentation required may vary by the type of expenditure and source of the funds. Matching funds provided by the Office of Research, College or department are budgeted and spent from a separate cost share funds linked within Banner to the grant fund.
  • Provide proactive notification prior to account expiration
  • Serve as liaison for researchers with other central University business offices


“I cannot imagine managing my grant applications and grant finances without help from the Office of Research. The OR has helped me find creative ways to manage my budgets so that grant funds go as far as possible, including assistance with budget revision requests, no cost extensions, and intelligent budget creation at the time of submission. The OR also helps me keep my spending on track, alerting me when I overspend in one category and helping me reallocate funds as necessary. Whenever I have needed immediate attention for a pending grant they have always been available and professional. My advice for new faculty and faculty seeking new funding is–‘talk to the OR early and often!'”

Meet the Post-Award Financial Management Team

  • Director, Post-Award Financial Management

    Mike Zenk

    Address: 940 Grace Hall

    Phone: (574) 631-9972


College of Arts and Letters, Mendoza College of Business, Law School, and Other
    College of Engineering and School of Architecture
    • Assistant Director, Post-Award Financial Management

      Cortney Swift

      Address: 940 Grace Hall (mail); 263a Fitzpatrick Hall (office)

      Phone: (574) 631-2966


    College of Science
    • Assistant Director, Post-Award Financial Management

      Jeff Pethick

      Address: 940 Grace Hall (mail); 141 Galvin Life Science Center (office)

      Phone: (574) 631-1789


    • Assistant Director, Post-Award Financial Management

      Mike Vissage

      Address: 940 Grace Hall (mail); 252 Nieuwland Science Hall (office)

      Phone: (574) 631-7923