Empowering Researchers Through Training & Outreach

Within the last year alone, the Office of Research training program has hosted 55 events with over 590 faculty and staff registered participants. These events included webinars on current NSF and NIH policy updates, guidance on OMB circulars, strategies to enhance support to faculty, a series of Federal Research Updates for FY2013, and Technology Transfer.

Some of our distinguished guest speakers have been subject matter experts on Federal sponsors such as Office of Naval Research (ONR), Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and National Science Foundation (NSF), and a lecture on Constitution Day: Obamacare, the Supreme Court, and the Lost Generation of Child Labor Reform. We also supported NSF Career workshops that rapidly grew from 12 people in attendance with only one faculty member in 2012 to 37 people in attendance with 17 faculty members and a handful of Postdocs in 2013.

During the implementation of Cayuse, 281 training sessions transpired guiding faculty and staff through the many facets of Cayuse, supported by six Cayuse Quick Reference Guides.

Our most popular training workshop for faculty, graduate students and postdocs is Dr. Robert Porter’s workshops on Writing Successful Grants and Career Development Grants for Pre- and Postdocs. Our attendance more than doubled from 2011 to 2012.


Training Testimonials

Writing Successful Grants testimonials:

  • Excellent interaction between speaker, visuals, and audience, well –organized and catered to a broad audience.
  • The speaker was very skilled and clearly credible. The handouts will of course be essential when going back on this session at later dates. I’d recommend this to anyone in this part of their career.
  • Most helpful was clarity of speaker’s points and examples; effectiveness of speaker’s real work/practical examples (e.g. reviewers comments and previous applications for funding)
  • Most helpful was ways to double your odds of being funded, successful grant writing exercises and handouts of #7 example project summary.

Career Development Grants for Pre- and Postdocs testimonials:

  • Most helpful was speaker’s knowledge, presentation style, and ability to answer questions from such a broad range of interests
  • Most helpful was the practical hints and examples of documentations