Policy, Training, and Communications

The Policy, Training, and Communications (PTC) team provides assistance to researchers on questions related to federal, departmental, or operational policies associated with research.

In addition to policy guidance, the PTC team administers research and sponsored program training and outreach events, to proactively provide researchers with the latest information to stay current and remain competitive in the ever-changing research landscape. The team is also responsible for creating, maintaining and sustaining websites that the Office of Research oversees, as well as, other multimedia communications mediums.

Services Provided

  • Develop and administer research administration training and outreach programs for faculty, staff and students
  • Responsible for Office of the Vice President for Research (OVPR) data retention and records management
  • Create, manage & sustain OR websites and other multimedia communications mediums

Training Testimonials

Writing Successful Grants testimonials:

  • Excellent interaction between speaker, visuals, and audience, well –organized and catered to a broad audience.
  • The speaker was very skilled and clearly credible. The handouts will of course be essential when going back on this session at later dates. I’d recommend this to anyone in this part of their career.
  • Most helpful was clarity of speaker’s points and examples; effectiveness of speaker’s real work/practical examples (e.g. reviewers comments and previous applications for funding)
  • Most helpful was ways to double your odds of being funded, successful grant writing exercises and handouts of #7 example project summary.

Career Development Grants for Pre- and Postdocs testimonials:

  • Most helpful was speaker’s knowledge, presentation style, and ability to answer questions from such a broad range of interests
  • Most helpful was the practical hints and examples of documentations

Meet the Policy, Training and Communications Team

  • Director, Research Administration Policy, Training and Communications

    Karen Pace

    Address: 940 Grace Hall

    Phone: (574) 631-8305

    Email: kpace@nd.edu

  • Associate Program Director, Research Administration Policy, Training and Communications

    Judy Bemenderfer

    Address: 940 Grace Hall

    Phone: (574) 631-0509

    Email: jbemende@nd.edu

  • Coordinator, Policy, Training and Communications

    Lori Flory

    Address: 940 Grace Hall

    Phone: (574) 631-3688

    Email: lflory@nd.edu