Services We Provide

Below is an overview of the services provided by teams within the Office of Research (OR), as well as, the additional groups that also report to the Office of the Vice President for Research (OVPR). For more detailed information on each team’s services, please click on the “Learn more” link after each brief description. 

Office of Research (OR) Teams:

Additional groups that report to the Office of the Vice President for Research (OVPR):


Office of Research (OR) Teams:


Grants Program Management (GPM)

Did you know that research nationally has shown that college and university faculty can spend as much as 40 percent of the time available for research on administrative responsibilities associated with grants? The Grants Program Management team can help free up more hours of your day for focusing on your research programs. Learn more >>


Pre-Award (PRA)

Whether you are searching for research funding, preparing a grant proposal for submission, or reviewing complex sponsor guidelines, the Pre-Award team provides expertise and guidance to significantly streamline the processing time of your proposal to make sure your proposal meets sponsor requirements and is submitted before the deadline. Learn more >>


Research Contracts and Awards (RCA)

The Research Contracts and Awards team navigates through the complexities involved in agreements or contracts so you don’t have to. Learn more >>


Research Business Intelligence (RBI)

The Research Business Intelligence team provides support for over 90 different types of systems used for research administration. If you have a question about any of the internal or external systems, they will help you find the answer. Learn more >>


Policy, Training, and Communications (PTC)

The Policy, Training, and Communications team assists researchers with research related federal, departmental and operational policies. The PTC team also administers research and sponsored program training and outreach events, to proactively provide researchers with the latest information to stay current and remain competitive in the ever-changing research landscape. Learn more >>


OVPR Business Manager

The OVPR Business Manager develops budgets and provides expenditure projections for all OVPR units, including Strategic Research Initiatives (SRIs). Manages, tracks, and transfers OVPR funding commitments, including cost share and internal program awards.


Additional groups that report to the Office of the Vice President for Research (OVPR):

Office of Technology Transfer (OTT)

The Office of Technology Transfer (OTT) identifies, protects and commercializes the intellectual property (IP) of the University. The OTT works with faculty and students to identify IP that should be protected and has developed processes to protect that IP appropriately. The OTT is also the central point for licensing IP to companies and is working closely with the Innovation Park at Notre Dame to help create new companies based on University IP. Learn more from the OTT website >>


Research Compliance

The Research Compliance team provides guidance on issues related to approvals and monitoring of federal research regulations (e.g, human subjects testing, animal care, ITAR). The team provides information, support, expertise, and systems of administration needed to meet the laws, rules, and policies governing research in the most efficient and effective way. Learn more >>


Research Development

The Research Development team coordinates complex proposal submissions and alerts researchers of limited submissions funding opportunities and internal competitions. The team seeks opportunities for University researchers from federal and state government, foundations, corporations, and benefactors; works closely with Corporate Relations, Foundation Relations, and Government Relations in the Office of University Relations. The research development team also arranges grant writing and mock review services for faculty.

Learn more by selecting one of the following links to funding programs coordinated by Research Development: Limited Submissions Program and ND Internal Grants Programs.