The Francis M. Kobayashi Travel Fund

The Office of Research is pleased to announce the continuation of the Francis M. Kobayashi Travel Fund Program. This fund will support travel associated with scholarly activity conducted by the regular full-time members of the faculty.

What Activities May be Funded

Awards are to subsidize travel expenses incurred in the acquisition, analysis and development of data, and/or the consulting of primary materials, collections or other research resources at off-campus sites.

Attendance and participation at discipline-oriented meetings, international congresses and specialized symposia, even for purposes of reporting the results of scholarly efforts, are not eligible for funding by this Travel Fund. Departmental or other travel funds should be used for these purposes.

The available funds are limited. Awards will not exceed $1,000. Hence, every effort should be made to secure funds from outside sources. Awardees will be limited to a maximum one award per fiscal year.

What to Submit

One copy of a proposal should be submitted electronically to Electronic signatures or a scan of written signatures will be accepted.

A proposal should contain the following:

(1) A University of Notre Dame cover page, including an appropriate space for approval and signature by a department chairman and dean or associate dean. Download and complete the “Kobayashi Research Travel Fund” cover page (Word) >>

(2) An introduction explaining the background and overall purpose of the project.

(3) A specific statement on why travel is necessary or desirable

(4) A simple statement that travel funds are not available from other sources, both external and internal. If travel funds from other sources are available, those avenues should be pursued before applying to this fund. Partial awards from other sources may be integrated with FMK funds.

(5) A budget for funds requested. Do not include indirect costs.

(6) A full and current CV.

Note: Items 2 through 4, combined, should be limited to no more than two pages in length

When to Submit

Proposals will be accepted at any time, but a lead time of two months prior to the date of departure is desirable.

How to Submit

Proposals must include the signed coverpage. Complete the application package by scanning all documents into one PDF and sending the PDF document to

Proposals will be judged on an individual basis in light of available funds for the year.


For further information, contact:

Heather H. Boyd, Ph.D.
Research Development Program Director
Office of the Vice President for Research
940 Grace Hall
Notre Dame, IN
(574) 631-4104


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