Limited Submissions Program Process

Sponsored programs that limit the number of proposals that can be submitted from each institution are becoming increasingly common. The Office of Research strives to ensure transparency and fairness in these internal competitions with a process that does not overburden either the researcher or the reviewers required to choose the most competitive proposal(s) to represent the University of Notre Dame research effort. The overall objective of this process is to make Notre Dame as competitive as possible in these external competitions.

Overall Process

The process has four total steps. They are:

  • Email notification of program by Office of Research, indication of interest by faculty and/or staff
  • Submission of preproposal by faculty and/or staff indicating interest and review of preproposals by Limited Submissions Committees
  • Notification of decision to internal competitors
  • Completed proposal submitted to sponsor

1. Electronic mail notification and communication of interest

Such programs will be announced by the Office of Research via email to faculty, Deans, and Chairs as appropriate to the program.

  • The email will contain the following information:
    • Name of sponsor and title of program
    • Internal deadline to indicate interest
    • Sponsor deadline
    • Description of submission limitation
    • Brief program description
    • Link to program guidelines

2. Preparation of pre-proposal and review by limited submissions committee

For each competition, an electronic template will be provided. The template will request basic information as well as information related to the specific call for proposals. Faculty interested in applying to the program are asked to submit a pre-proposal by a date specified by the Office of Research.

If interest exceeds the allotted number of submission slots, the Limited Submissions Committee will convene to review the pre-proposals. The appropriate Deans may be asked to provide a ranking of the pre-proposals submitted from their College for consideration at the committee meeting.

The Limited Submissions Committees will provide a recommendation to the Vice President for Research who makes the final decision regarding the internal competition.

3. Notification of decision to internal competitors

All faculty who competed will be notified via email of the decision. All faculty who submit pre-proposals will have the opportunity to hear feedback from a committee member.

4. Submission of final proposal

It is intended that those who are selected to represent the University of Notre Dame from a Limited Submissions competition complete the process by submitting their proposal on time to the potential sponsor through the Office of Research.

Limited Submissions Committees


Each participant on this committee will have a faculty appointment or faculty experience. The committee will meet with the Vice President for Research to discuss the relative merits of the pre-proposals and select the proposal(s) to be invited to submit. The ultimate goal of the committee is to identify the very best proposal(s) to send on behalf of Notre Dame.


  • Associate Vice President for Research and
  • College/School representatives from:
    • College of Arts & Letters
    • College of Engineering
    • College of Science
    • Law School
    • Mendoza College of Business
    • School of Architecture
  • Possible expert reviewers with no conflict of interest may serve as special members at the request of the Vice President for Research.
  • Possible current awardees of a limited submission program may serve as special members at the request of the Vice President for Research.