Research Consulting Agreement Form

A research consulting agreement (formerly called bilateral consulting agreement) is necessary when an individual not affiliated with Notre Dame serves as a consultant and provides a highly technical, specialized service on a University research project. He/she is considered to be an independent contractor and the agreement must be in place before any professional service is provided in support of the project.

If the individual is employed at another university, the Office of Research will need written documentation from the principal investigator stating that the consultant will not be doing the work at their university, in other words not using the university office or lab space, resources, etc.

If the work to be done by a organization, then a subgrant or subcontract should be prepared.

Finally, if the work is of a standard nature, then the University can pay for such expenses via the Fees-Professional cost object within your restricted account budget.

REMINDER: If you do not already have funds budgeted for a consultant, you will need to first obtain approval for a line item budget revision prior to submitting this agreement form. Please contact a Post-Award Financial Management (PAF) team member for budget revision assistance.