Research Administration Forms

(For questions about the Research Administration forms, please contact or 631-7432.)

Additional Space, Space Renovation, or Utility Upgrades Request Form


Advance Fund Request Form (Guidelines)


eRA: Ask a Question or Report an Error

Online Form

Memorandum on Travel

Online Form

ND Research Community Listserv

No-cost Extension Form

Online Form

Reports Request Form

Online Form

Research Consulting Agreement
(formerly called Bilateral Consulting Agreement)

Online Form

Unexpended Funds Residual Transfer Request



Research Compliance Forms

(For questions about the Research Compliance forms, please send an email to or call 631-1389.)

On-line Protocol Submission Gateway (IRB & IACUC)

Background Information, eProtocol Gateway, FAQs Web page

Export Control

Technology Control Plan (TCP) PDF

Teaching Protocol Questionnaire for Research Involving Animals

Teaching involving laboratory animals – fill out the Teaching Protocol questionnaire. (Teaching Protocol) Word

Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC)

IBC Registration Document (updated October 2014) Word
IBC Hazardous/Infectious Materials Document (updated October 2014) Word




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