Explore the New Office of Research Website


What does the re-designed Office of Research website have to offer?

  • Clear, concise content and information
  • Improved usability, so you can easily navigate your way around the website and find your way back to where you started
  • Updated design to meet the University’s branding standard
  • Upgraded technology that allows you to view the website on any device (smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer)


The goal of the Office of Research is to make your work as a Notre Dame researcher as distraction free as possible, by removing as many of the grant-related administrative hassles that drain time away from focusing on your research programs. The new website is a reflection of this goal. The re-designed site’s focal point is the Services We Provide to you the researcher, so you have someone to contact right away to assist you with:


A “Quick Resources” menu has been added on the right-side of the homepage for fast reference to:

  • Contact Us – provides general contact information for the central office and for OR staff deployed at your college
  • Attend Training & Outreach Events – who to contact for training information and a link to the training calendar
  • Find Research Funding – lists your options for funding opportunities
  • Subsribe to ND’s Research Community Listserv – to stay up to date on the latest research administration related announcements and upcoming events for Notre Dame faculty, staff and students


Items you might consider as staples you often use for proposals are still available on the website:


And if you have time to linger a little longer we also included:



If we have not met your expectations as a visitor to our website, please share your thoughts on how we can make improvements by completing the feedback form below:



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